What’s Your ‘Why’?

What’s Your ‘Why’?
August 2, 2017 Street Workout Academy

Humans are undeniably the most complex, interesting, and simply amazing creatures on this planet. 

We are the ONLY animals that have higher consciousness.  We are the ONLY animals that speak in multiple unique languages in which we can easily learn. 

We are the ONLY animals that can relieve themselves, clip their toenails, and talk to a loved one on the phone at the same time!  Incredible.  The only reason this is so, is because we have developed the capacity to ask the question “why”. 

Without doubt you can see the importance of this simple word, but amazingly, so many people wander around without asking it!  It’s especially prevalent in the health and wellness sector.  I’m sure you have seen it when just gazing around a gym/fitness club.  The indecisiveness.  The confusion.  People don’t know why they’re there!  More importantly, they don’t know why they’re exercising in general.  When asked, oftentimes a response to the question will be something along the lines of “Well, because I want to be healthy”. That doesn’t hold any significance if they don’t know why it makes them healthy! This is primarily why New Year’s resolutions fail after a month or so. 

If while reading you realize you’ve experienced this, we have an invitation for you: take 10 minutes out of your day. 

Just 10 minutes, preferably upon waking in order to start the day with clearness of mind.  Sit down comfortably over some Earl Gray/Coffee, a sheet of paper, and a feather pen:

Take the first few seconds to clear your thoughts.

Take the next couple of minutes to humbly ask yourself  ‘Why do I train/exercise?’

  • Remain open to the possibility of any answer that reveals itself to you!  It could be to become stronger, to impress someone, or to finally look presentable in that dress/speedo  you’ve always wanted to wear…at first.  After more consideration you may see the deeper  meaning, which usually resides within 1 or more of 3 possibilities. 

A. To have fun. 

B. To feel good. 

C. To recover from injury. 

Whatever the ‘why’, listen to and embrace it.  It’s yours!

Take the next couple of minutes to ask yourself  ‘Am I getting my ‘why’ from what I am presently doing?’

   • If you are, you go Muchacho!  The exercise is over and you can continue being a badass. 
If not, take the last couple of minutes to ask yourself  ‘What do I need to change in order to get what I’m asking for?’

   • If your goal is to have fun and you’re mindlessly lifting weights in a commercial gym because you think it’s ‘supposed’ to be fun, listen to yourself and change your activity.  The good news is it could be literally anything physical! 
 – Calisthenics, dancing, soccer, powerlifting, yoga, gymnastics, etc. –

   • If you want to get really creative, rolling around in the mud with the excitement of a 4 year old on Christmas morning works just as well.  If you don’t know, experiment!  You will find it and you will feel much more fulfilled.  We promise. 

Finally, what better way to express this self-revelation than to share it with everyone at Street Workout Academy?  A community that will support and help it grow further.

So do yourself a favor and find a fitness route that supports your ‘why’, express it, and continue to grow.  Your journey just started.

Michael DePietto, B.S. Kinesiology

IG @mikedepietto


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