Natural. Functional. Communal.


Why we do it

The traditional gym and fitness model is not very fun or motivating. It can be expensive or lacking significant results. Last but not least, it’s a rather individualistic and self centered training model.

Street Workout Academy is a sports and health company that promotes a natural, fun and safe fitness alternative which doesn’t rely on machines or weights. Our workout methods revolve around calisthenics, bodyweight movement and whole foods.

Street Workout Academy hosts small group (up to 8 participants), high quality, indoors and outdoors workshops and classes that boost team effort and create a community spirit amongst participants. 

What we do

Street Workout is a worldwide sport, supported by a large community around the world.

Street Workout is an evolutive calisthenics (bodyweight) and functional training discipline. It’s a mix of various sports such as classic calisthenics, acrobatics, freestyle gymnastics, yoga, breakdance, pole fitness and parkour. It can be performed anywhere, outdoors and indoors, without the use of machines or weights.

We work to spread calisthenics knowledge and lifestyle, by teaching classes to raise awareness that anyone can learn to be healthy and fitness self-sufficient.