How to train in very hot conditions

How to train in very hot conditions
September 27, 2016 Street Workout Academy

Staying active outdoor with high temperatures (95F+) is a good challenge. Wether you are into calisthenics, parkour, cycling or running, all you need to do is adapt.


  • Early mornings and evenings (6-7-8am/7-8-9pm) are good times to get a workout or session in when conditions are very hot.
  • Avoid sun peak hours 12 to 5pm!


  • Shorter sets (8/10 reps), and sessions (30/45min), focus on intensity and recuperation.
  • Mix Incremental Ladders & Pyramid routines (see what is a pyramid and ladder workout here)
  • Agility work (animal style moves, crawls, levers, handstands…)


  • Look for shaded and/or green urban areas
  • Find a park with shaded areas near you
  • Enjoy the beach if you have one at your disposal

Water & Food

  • Start the day with a large glass of water and pay special attention to drinking enough through the day (1 to 2 gallons).
  • Good for runners (but everyone else too): coconut water for its refreshing electrolytes
  • Eat lots of veggies, greens and fruits (contain a lot of water)
  • Go for flex foods for easy digestion (avocado, omelettes, hot/cold soups, bananas…).
  • Avoid over salted dishes and high sodium products
  • Avoid caffeine and pre workout supplements











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