How music affects training

How music affects training
December 3, 2016 Street Workout Academy

Music and training are very similar. The first one also affects the second.

Playing music is about understanding and manipulating sound patterns. Training is about understanding and manipulating body patterns.

Both are games and require practice.

You start by trying, failing, MULTIPLE times, then one day you can play that scale or chord or progression you are working on.

If no one plays or has played music, then no worries. Music actually affects everyone of us while we workout. Playing upbeat tracks that you like during training will boost your mood and add more speed on the bar. 

In full detail you’ll get:

  • a reduction in the feeling of fatigue,
  • an increase in levels of psychological arousal,
  • a physiological relaxation response,
  • and an improvement in motor coordination.

Sound is an invisible element that can be a great ally. Try your favorite movies or tv shows and shut the music off…

Just play your favorite upbeat playlists during every workout 🙂



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