Fuel your workouts

Fuel your workouts
April 8, 2016 Street Workout Academy

A common mistake is often made by those who start their training journey. They either diet (eat less) and workout or workout and don’t change their diet.

Anyone needs fuel when they are active, no matter what fitness level, it needs to be coherent with the training volume.

The right answer is in the middle where you change your diet but definitely don’t eat less. The goal is nutrient dense foods, the ones that show a positive ratio of good stuffs vs calories it provides.

The sure bet is rather simple.

Think chicken, eggs, all starchy veggies, lentils, peas, carrots, fatty fish, onions, garlic and all herbs, oatmeal, coconut oil, olive oil, moderate lean beef, fresh pork, quinoa, organic white rice, sweet potatoes, organic rice noodles, raw honey, organic maple syrup, organic peanut butter, bananas and all organic fruits. This list is non-exhaustive.

Proportion (more protein and veggies than slow carbs) and timing (eat more in the morning, 3 meals & 3 healthy snacks/day) are key.

Here is an example of how to replace bad foods with good foods.

Get ready for better energy, better recovery, better results.


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