MARI Kuwayama

When did u start calisthenics?

I started calisthenic in September 2015.

How did you discover it?

I found Street Workout Academy through ClassPass, and this is one of the few work outs that I wanted to come more often.

What made you want to try it?

I wanted to try something new.

What are the benefits you get from training calisthenics?

Calisthenics is like self-chiropractic. I definitely have better posture since I started working out with Nicolas. I feel like my body is starting to learn how to use muscles the right way.

How often do you train?/How long have you been training at Street Workout Academy?

I go to SWA at least 3 times a week since 2016.

Where do you like to train?

I like both indoor and outdoor training. Indoor is convenient since I don’t need to worry about weather or sun burn, while outdoor training feels more refreshing. One of the benefit of calisthenic is that you can do it anywhere.

What’s your favorite move?

My favorite moves are classic pull-ups & push ups. They are so simple but it trains my whole body. It is good indicator to measure my improvement too.

What are your calisthenics training goals for the years to come (moves, reps, combos etc…)?

My short term goal is to be able to do clean pull ups without resistance bands and be able to do front lever tucked holds. My long term goals are the human flag and the front lever.

Would you push your friends to try and get good at calisthenics?

I would totally recommend calisthenic to everybody. The movements are really simple and you don’t need special gears. Nicolas is really generous with sharing his knowledge so you will always learn something new.

What would be your first advice to anyone who wants to start calisthenics?

The first advice I’d give to people is to train at your own pace; everybody is different. Also follow Nicolas’s advice. He is really good at judging people in terms of strength, so he will always push you just enough to make you improve.