Healthy Living for Seniors: 5 Essential Tips

Healthy Living for Seniors: 5 Essential Tips
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Healthy Living for Seniors: 5 Essential Tips

For seniors, retirement can bring plenty of positive life changes. However, some people worry that they won’t be healthy enough to fully enjoy their retirement. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, seniors often have more free time to focus on themselves and make their health a priority in retirement.

It’s never too late to start making healthier choices. Making an effort to incorporate these healthy habits into your lifestyle will allow you to enjoy your golden years to the fullest extent.

#1 Staying Active

Seniors who were athletic in their younger years don’t need to give up exercising – and even seniors who weren’t into working out can still pick up a new hobby that keeps them active! They might have to make some special considerations based on their abilities.

For example, some seniors might need to exercise indoors to stay out of harsh weather. Setting up a home gym and following along with workout videos could be a good option. Gentle yoga classes are relaxing and enjoyable, and according to Silver Sneakers, swimming and aqua aerobics are easy on your joints and may even help extend your lifespan. Alternatively, simply strolling around the mall or a local museum is a good way to stretch your legs and socialize.

#2 Eating Right

As a senior, your nutritional needs might have changed. It’s important for seniors to get plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and protein. Vegetable soups with beans and lentils, hearty salads, smoothies, fish and chicken, and protein-packed snacks like whole-grain toast with peanut butter are all easy, healthy options.

According to Silver Cuisine, seniors should be careful to limit their consumption of sugary drinks and snacks, alcohol, and raw foods that could pose health risks, like sushi. It’s all about balance – save the treats for special occasions!

#3 Understanding Medicare

As a senior, Medicare will cover most of your healthcare-related costs. But your Medicare plan might be very different from your previous health insurance policy. When it comes to Medicare, it’s important for seniors to understand how their benefits work and what will be covered.

Ideally, you’ll know the details of your plan inside and out before you need to use it! Make it a point to go over your coverage each year to see if there are any gaps in your plan, and update your coverage if necessary.

#4 Assisted Living

Some seniors can live independently and manage their own healthcare needs, but others might benefit from moving to an assisted living facility. If you’re struggling to manage certain responsibilities, it might be time to search through databases online for assisted living facilities and resources to help you make an informed choice.

The cost of staying in an assisted living facility can vary based on your location and personal needs. In the Los Angeles area, the average annual costs top out around $54,000, though this can fluctuate based on the various amenities a community offers. Get an accurate estimate for costs in your region before making a decision.

Yes, seniors will generally have to slow down a bit in their golden years, but most seniors can live relatively active lifestyles throughout retirement. By eating a nutritious diet, exercising, knowing your limitations and having a thorough understanding of your Medicare benefits, you can enjoy feeling happy, healthy, and productive during retirement.

#5 Taking Medication

Taking medication is often just a fact of life for seniors. The key is sticking to the right daily regimen of medication and recommended supplements and checking in with your doctor when you’re experiencing unwanted side effects.

Using an organized case or a digital pill dispenser can help, especially if you’re traveling. A loved one can also help you monitor your intake and ensure that you’re staying on track.

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