Life Is Always Just A Warm Up

Life Is Always Just A Warm Up
February 14, 2020 Street Workout Academy
Calisthenics Workout
Did you know?
Life is always just a warm up! Even on Valentine’s Day!
Everyone is looking for the big “motivation” secret thing when starting or re-starting their fitness and health journey.
But really, they are in search for discipline. Psychology actually shows that human motivation comes from discipline first. In our figurative chicken (discipline) and the egg (motivation) situation, the chicken comes first…as it did a few million years ago on earth (but we can chat and debate about that later).
If we are able to build discipline and focus on an activity, witness progress, even the slightest one, it builds our motivation. Think of something as simple as brushing your teeth. Knowing that we will avoid cavities and social embarrassment are great reasons that keep us disciplined and “motivated” to do it everyday.
Calisthenics will be a challenge and setting the discipline up will bring you endless motivation. Never think that you can’t do something.
Start with that push up or pull up that you can’t do yet or those muscle up and handstands that need to be perfected. All of these examples are great goals to be achieved!
Relationships are no different. Achieving sustainable, fulfilling relationships requires us to constantly fuel our bonds, breach gaps, even when we are having a bad day.
This is what makes us and our loved ones motivated in the long run! Today, start by saying “Thanks”, “I love you”, “I miss you” or any other kind word to those who matter to you. Small daily things design the big progress and happiness picture, on ANY day.
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