The Key to Long Term Progress

The Key to Long Term Progress
December 3, 2018 Street Workout Academy
At 38 yrs, 6’1, 175 lbs. I look forward to more progress #calisthenicsonly.

Not the biggest, not the most shredded, not the strongest, not the most skilled, not vegan, not a dieter, not a supplements taker, not a gym goer. No marketing products, no fake promise, no magic results, no secret pill.
I just practice what I preach: natural, movement based workouts, smart healthy food, common sense and smart lifestyle habits.
This helps maintaining constant progression in training, even if minor, at any age, by readjusting and fine tuning goals.
Apply common sense when training, eating, and living in general to have long lasting mobility and health.
  1. Go intense and smart (form) when training: no matter the volume or cadence
  2. Consistently work on movement and mobility: before, during and  after every training you do
  3. Put your brain into your work: do research when curious about a topic, ask people that may help or have the answer
  4. Grow a tribe: be the pack leader if necessary, bring those among friends and family that may share your interests in the health field to your training or even cooking sessions!
  5. Rest and heal smart: ice/heat benefits, learn self massages and pressure points techniques
  6. Be a flexible and smart eater: fuel up in the morning then eat depending on how active you are that day, eat the right foods
  7. Drink enough water everyday: 0.75 gallon a day minimum when training in California
  8. No or rare social alcool consumption: liver and pancreas are serious vital organs both to health and training
  9. Sleep on a smart schedule: 7 hours/night, sleep before 12am
  10. Find goals that are appealing enough so you will work for it: losing fat is not interesting enough to work on the long run, dieting is as boring as it sounds, set goals in sports or activities you enjoy, if you are an athlete, focus on movement and performance, if you are an average joe, focus on being an athlete, if you are a parent, set goals to be able to play with your kids for as long as you can without worrying about knees or back issues etc…
Street Workout Academy was created to educate, promote and develop a natural, holistic and sustainable method that generates long term skills and health tangible results.


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