Street Workout/Calisthenics is a hybrid bodyweight sport and movement at the crossroad of various disciplines such as classic calisthenics (push ups, pull ups, dips, squats), yoga, parkour, gymnastics, breakdance and martial arts.

Street Wokout/Calisthenics offers full body training. Specific muscle group can be targeted as well during sessions by adopting routine variations such as:

“Classic” Full Body Workout: use body weight exercises to work out your entire body from upper body, abdominals, to lower body. Great for all fitness levels.

“Special” Upper Body Workout:  target every muscle in your upper body.

“Ab Cutter” Workout:  go through one full hour of intense abdominal workouts. For those seeking the 6 Pack!

“Core and Legs” Workout: workout your Core & Legs with calisthenics movements and body weight exercises.

“Booty Blaster” Workout: focus on toning and sculpting Glutes & Legs with calisthenics and body weight exercises.

“Freestyle Calisthenics” Techniques: learn all the progressions to the advanced calisthenics movements such as the Muscle Up, the Human Flag, Front Lever, Back Lever, One Arm Pull-up, Bar Hand Stand Push-up, Bar Hop, 360 Muscle Up and much more!

“Balance Technique” Workout:  focus on building balance in your technique and body such as in Handstands.

“Ring and resistance bands” Training: use gymnastics ring and resistance band devices. These devices are unstable, and incremental, forcing your body to engage its stabilizing muscles. Perfect for toning the body and developing definition.

“Battle Workout” Classes: use every movement and technique you’ve gathered from our training and classes and engage in a friendly battle competition where you challenge other members of SW Academy.  Try something new, challenge each other and discover how to apply the functional movements previously learned.