When did you start calisthenics?

I started calisthenics in March of 2016. Eight months ago.

What made you want to try it?/How did you discover it?

Whenever I logged onto Youtube for fitness tips and advice, people doing calisthenics would always pop up. I thought it was incredible how people could defy gravity with their bodies.

I’ve always wanted to be in great shape, but I never really found anything that gave me a complete full body workout. Calisthenics is special because it recruits all muscle groups to execute many of the exercises.

What are the benefits you get from training calisthenics?/How often do you train?

Calisthenics for me, has created balanced strength between all the muscle groups in my body. I am a cyclist and after training with calisthenics I feel that I can travel further with less fatigue.

On average I train about four days a week.

What’s your favorite move?/What are your calisthenics training goals for the years to come (moves, reps, combos etc…)?

My favorite move in calisthenics is the front lever. It is a very difficult move with many variations that I am dying to master.

I would like to be able to do a human flag one day. To me the human flag is the ultimate move in which only those who have dedicated their time to training can execute.

Would you push your friends to try and get good at calisthenics?

Absolutely! Calisthenics is such a challenging exercise platform to create overall wellness in which I’d love my friends to experience.

What would be your first advice for anyone who wants to start training calisthenics

Just do it! Another piece of advice I would give is for people to be patient with themselves as it takes a substantial amount of time to become good at any of the moves in calisthenics.