Assess your fitness level

All levels of fitness are welcome!

Our “calisthenics scale” helps assessing participants abilities.

  • Level 1: Padawan. Starting their workout journey or getting back to it.

  • Level 2: Jedi.  Athletic, able to perform sets of 10 (men)/4 (women) solid pull ups or more.

  • Level 3: Master. Confirmed calisthenics athletes, able to perform large amount of reps and freestyle moves.

Level 3 Classes are workshops designed for experienced athletes who want to add more reps, and build into advanced calisthenics power & freestyle moves.

Class Format

  • Group classes up to 8 participants max

  • Private sessions available on demand

  • Participants are advised to bring their own basic equipment if desired (workout gloves, yoga mats, towels…).

  • Classes must be booked a minimum of 2 hours ahead

  • Classes must be cancelled at least 12h ahead.

  • Classes can take place at our facility or outdoors (beaches, parks, special venue…).

  • Locations may vary upon seasons or special events around the Los Angeles area.

  • See schedule or contact us for more info.